Grilled Cheese & Beer

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

A grilled cheese sandwich can be a simple pleasure, much like beer. You can go classic on either...or go rouge with experimentation. Here at Tower Brewing, we like a little bit of both. The classics are staples for a reason, but sometimes you can discover something fantastic by deviating from the norm.

For those seeking a simple pleasure, we'd suggest a Pilsner, such Tower's Yellow Skies German Pilsner, to go with mild cheddar and whole wheat bread. Go all the way with mayo on the outside, cooking on a medium heat to get the perfect crunch. No one wants a burned bread or unmelted cheese, and with the simplicity of the flavors flaws will stand out even more; a light and refreshing Pilsner suffers the same fate. Any off flavors or mess ups are going to be the only thing you can taste.

Feeling a bit more creative? Even a bit daring?

Asian pear and Manchego on French bread pairs perfectly with a mildly spicy Saison, like Tower's La Tour. The mild spice in the beer compliments the sweetness of the pear, while the sharpness of the cheese brings out the bready malt character of the beer.

If you're more of a mild cheese fan, try soft brie with a light spread of fig preserves. For this you'll want a bit more acidity on your beer to cut the fat of the cheese. A session IPA that boasts stone fruit flavors and piney aromas, like Tower's Joe Seshy.

Overall, when pairing beer you want to highlight the flavors you love in both the food and the brew. If your combo does that, then you've done it right. Get creative and make a trip to your favorite brewery or bottle shop to get a variety of beers to try new combinations.